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Friday, 7 August 2009

Been a while but we are still here

Hi again folks

I know we have not posted in a while but we have had some problems but the rats have helped us through. No doubt mummy rat will fill you all in on the NEW babies only 2 this time but we have had a few depart from us as well.

Sadly we did lose the favourite Tim he just curled up one day and didn't wake up.

What else is new well we now have a cage full of energy and all the rats seem to want to be on the outside of the cage and not the inside. Led by new number one boy Shovel, His antics are going to become the stuff legends are made of. For some reason he likes wearing mummy rats clothes though she is still wearing them at the time.

As for me I have Wolf or Woolie as he is commonly called, very smart and very muscular rat with a funny personality though very weak bowels. When we went to pick some new ones the cage was opened and he just strolled out and onto my arm so he was coming home with us no matter what.

Anyway more to follow - I will get mummy rat to post over the weekend.

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